3 More Home Remedies For Common Problems

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Another list of useful home remedies! Hopefully it’ll prove useful to you.

1. For UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection)

Drinking cranberry juice is a common yet inconsistent home remedy. The reason it works might be a direct result of the urinary tract being flushed out because of drinking excess fluids. Cranberries have shown to reduce how well bacteria sticks to the lining cells of the bladder, but it’s more a preventative measure than a cure. If you’re feeling skeptical you can also try garlic, probiotics or even oregano oil, which, oddly, is applied to the bottom of your feet.

2. For Motion Sickness

Motion sickness causes the production of excess saliva, which might upset your stomach and create a nauseating feeling. If you can get your mouth to pucker from sucking on a lemon, you could reduce saliva production and prevent nausea. Lemons are known to cause salivation however, so a more reliable approach would be to eat olives, since they produce a chemical called tannin that dries up your mouth.

3. For Headaches

Ice is an old-fashioned but effective remedy that helps reduce headaches. Cold packs are typically applied on the forehead, but another, possibly more effective, method is to apply a cold wrap over the carotid arteries which are found in front of the neck.

For migraines, you might want to avoid light and sounds as much as you can, since migraines increase our sensitivity to them. If you’re not planning on sleeping any time soon, you could try getting some caffeine into your system, an effective method to combat migraines.

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