Tips for treating hemorrhoids in pregnant women

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Hemorrhoids are the arteries and veins that connect blood to the rectum and anus, which facilitate the movement of the bowel and regulate and reduce the pressure directly on the anus leading to control of the voluntary output.

Hemorrhoids are fairly weak veins and are not felt by the human at many times but when the pressure on these veins takes a form of winding due to the expansion and expansion because of pressure in this case can touch and feel.



There are many symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnant women and can be very painful in many cases: the feeling of severe itching in the anus area, feeling very painful during the movement of the bowel or after, the feeling of severe pain intermittent and acute in the anal area. The appearance of blood on the surface of the faeces or the use of toilet tissue, feeling of burning, skin injury swelling around the anus area, severe and severe pain in the presence of blood clotting in the swollen area of ​​the skin in the anus and bleeding. So consult your doctor.


the most important reasons

There are many reasons for the presence of the problem of hemorrhoids in pregnant women and are divided into specific causes of pregnancy and general reasons: fatigue, fatigue and fatigue and one of the main reasons is the size of the fetus in the uterus and thus increase pressure on these veins at the bottom of the body because of increased blood flow. Frequent and increased pregnancy and childbirth increases the chance of hemorrhoids. Malnutrition, anemia and insufficient water intake lead to constipation, which in turn leads to hemorrhoids. Genetic factors have a role in the disease of hemorrhoids and are among the reasons that increase the chance of infection, especially in women.



Therapeutic methods

There are many methods and advice used in the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women:

– Exercise any exercise regularly even if walking every day for 30 minutes.

– Do not sit and stand for long periods and this helps in the healing of hemorrhoids naturally.

– Sleep on the sides especially on the left side and not just on the back so as to reduce the pressure of the uterus on the affected area.

– Drink plenty of water every day with at least 8 glasses of water, or about 2 liters.

– Clean the place of hemorrhoids well and continuously and it is best to be after entering the bathroom and that through medical pads.

– Take care to make a warm water bath every day for 10 minutes which will work to relieve the pain and reduce the itching sensation in the affected area.

– Use some creams that reduce the pain of hemorrhoids and itching associated with them, but not to get rid of them permanently.

– Wear clothes that give your skin the opportunity to quickly heal and breathe to get rid of itching like: cotton clothes.


You can consult your doctor in the description of laxatives in the case of constipation and thus reduce hemorrhoids and disposal and also in the case of bleeding and dizziness continuously.


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