Tips to ignite the intimacy again after birth

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Women are exposed to some of the psychological changes and changes in the physical hormones, where they suffer from tension, depression and anxiety of the new event that occurs in their lives.

The intimate relationship makes the psychological changes and depression and tension between her and her husband will not return as it was before, where the mother finds herself between a new event and responsibilities and new tasks and that they need many psychological, emotional and physical preparations to regain sexual relationship and resume intercourse with her husband again after birth. Women should follow these tips to bring romance, love and innovation back to you:


1. Birth type:

If your birth is normal, you should have intercourse after 6 weeks of childbirth, and be sure that you have recovered from stitches, stopped the puerperium, exercised intimate relationships after that period, and recovered the health and health of the body. You may need some moisturizing oils to moisten the vagina, which may be further dehydrated by birth and that the husband should wear condoms during the relationship. If your birth is Caesarean. The time of postnatal intercourse depends on how extensive the cutting process takes and may take about 6 weeks.

2 – muscle strengthening and exercise:

After the birth, women have to exercise many exercises to strengthen the muscles and bones and pelvic floor specifically. These exercises are called Kajil, which helps the flexibility of the vagina and ready for sexual intercourse again. It is necessary to moisten the vagina after the drought caused by birth and use massage and body massage to help your body to relax and get rid of Of anxiety and stress caused by childbirth


3 – Talk to your husband:

Where many of the women after childbirth is the first concern is the child and these are common mistakes that occur in women. This leads to neglect of the husband completely neglected and this may cause a lot of discomfort to the husband resulting in the failure of the relationship between them. She advises the wife to talk to her husband about her desire to prepare sexual desire to satisfy him and ask him to help her and back to regain her sexual desire again. Women are willing to have intercourse that will take a lot of time. Do not mislead the husband ever and you practice some caresses that help prepare and stimulate sexual desire and excitement so that the husband does not feel that his wife is still interested in him.


Because of post-natal exposure to hormonal changes, which will last into the end of lactation, the vaginal area becomes drier than the risk of childbirth. The vagina causes some pain and discomfort when exercising the relationship. During this period, you should use vaginal moisturizer or moistened vaginal oils before sexual intercourse so vaginal discharge can return to normal. There are also products that specialize in increasing the sexual desire of women after birth and work on narrowing the muscles of the vagina so as to cause the excitement and pleasure as before.

5. During the exercise of intimacy:

Take care of your appearance and talk to your husband and replace your weight loss and weight loss. Define the appropriate time for intercourse Some details should be taken into account during the practice of postnatal sex. Choose suitable sexual positions to position the wife so as not to feel discomfort and to be able to control the depth of penetration and less pressure on inflamed places such as the area of ​​the perineum or painful place of caesarean section sewing. The husband should focus on his wife’s favorite situations so that she can regain her desire and pleasure again and if she can not regain her again, consult with specialists.


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