To Exercise at Home or at the Gym?

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As we all know, reaching our fitness goals can be very difficult. There are many variables that can make it easier to get ourselves into the habit of exercising regularly.

One of the things worth considering is whether you’ll do better exercising out of your home or at a gym. There are pros and cons to both.


Exercising From Home

One of the greatest parts about exercising from home is that it’s, of course, much easier on the wallet. Not only will you save on money from having no gym membership, but also the fuel that it requires to get there.

Additionally, you save a ton of time by eliminating all the steps of getting ready for and getting to the gym. You’ll be where you need to be just by waking up, making the entire process less complicated. You also probably won’t have to worry so much about what you’re wearing.

There is another benefit to this for those who aren’t very comfortable working out in public. There are many people who feel this way.

At some point, overcoming this fear can help you immensely, but for now exercising without worrying about the public might be the most effecient thing to do.

If you’re interested in overcoming social anxiety, perhaps this Zen Koan will be useful to you!

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Exercising at the Gym

A gym is great for those who enjoy working out around other people, and find it motivating. Seeing other people work hard towards their goals can really push you to do the same, and even maybe kick in your competitive edge.

Then there is of course a great deal of variety at the gym in terms of equipment and sometimes group fitness classes. Variety is important because it allows us to more easily work new muscle groups and also keep us from getting bored with just one type of exercise routine.

It is not uncommon for people to feel fine with working out at the gym but somewhat uncomfortable about trying a fitness class.

Keep in mind that fitness classes are generally for all levels and you will see people in different places on their health and fitness journey in them.

Even if it’s meant to be a more high intensity class and you aren’t matching that level, instructors often offer modifications you can do to certain exercises. Or, you can just skip out on certain things and stretch. They are definitely worth a try, especially because they can be super fun and therapeutic!

Last Words

Overall, just getting ourselves consistently in the habit of exercising is the key and sometimes we need to make it as easy for ourselves to get into it as possible.

If you’ve been exercising regularly, you are doing awesome and keep it up!


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