True happiness and anxiety treatment and depression in the arts … how?

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Therapeutic workshops are very popular today, in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and various pressures.

“Many studies have shown that people who begin to work manually and create beautiful art objects will make them abandon their problems and forget their concerns because they focused on the piece of art they are working on.”

Art Therapy

“Art and innovation are now replacing collective psychotherapy, which makes people express their chests and problems in front of the group because that makes them empty their energies with the things they create with their hands.

It is the result of experience with many people; they work for three consecutive hours without fatigue, because there is no obstacle in front of them, which makes them in a state of psychological comfort, as if they treat themselves through art, Step by step becomes a positive piece of all their pent-up energies. ”
The sessions are not only therapeutic sessions but also reflective, and their effect is very similar to the result of a massage session, which works to calm the nerves, especially those who return tired from their work, or students tired of the burden of the lesson.

Treatment of anxiety and depression

“Anxiety and depression” are among the most pressing problems facing people today, especially women, because of their living conditions, poor social conditions, work problems, etc. Their participation in group art workshops helps them to forget their concerns and problems, and bring them to happiness. And find them before the scheduled date of the workshop for about an hour and spend an hour, indicating their enjoyment and joy of art, especially in jewelry. Accompanied by other people. ”

Objectives of the workshops

As for the goals of the technical workshops, there is no doubt that the professional workshops help people from different age groups between the ages of 19 to 60, and come to address their problems and forget their fears through art. Workshops are a place to escape problems, up to about 6 hours per week, compared to antidepressants and anxiety. ”
The professor becomes a friend who listens to the problems of participants on a permanent basis. The materials they work on, such as wax molds, and all they need to perform different pieces of art, are secured in a very comfortable environment where snacks are available so that individuals feel entirely free. After each session, each participant receives a certificate.


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