What are the risks of gestational diabetes on mother and fetus?

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Gestational diabetes is a major health problem that pregnant women may face and cause serious risks to the health and health of their fetus.

Risk of gestational diabetes on mother and fetus

During pregnancy, attention is paid to the health of women from all sides because they carry new breaths in their bodies and because any problem that may affect the health of the pregnant woman can affect the health and safety of the fetus directly.

Gestational diabetes is among the diseases that do not appear in women until after a period of pregnancy almost during the sixth month. According to the International Diabetes Federation, North Africa and the Middle East are second in terms of prevalence.


In these lines, we will show you the most important features of this disease and its symptoms, as well as its effects on pregnancy and how to reduce the seriousness.



What is gestational diabetes and what are its symptoms?

High glucose levels in the blood lead to diabetes. This increase is due to the body’s non-response to insulin, which converts sugar into energy to benefit the body, which causes the accumulation of glucose and thus diabetes.


Hormonal disorders known to the body of a woman during pregnancy are the primary cause of this disease, because it reduces the body’s response to insulin. Experts say it is the paracetamol hormone that causes these imbalances.


Most of the time, there are no specific symptoms of gestational diabetes, so you should follow your doctor carefully and have the necessary medical tests and tests, especially between 24 and 28 weeks, as well as before birth.


What are the causes of gestational diabetes?

There are some things that may make you more likely to have diabetes during your pregnancy, which requires you to take care and caution until this stage passes peacefully.

These reasons can be divided into three main sections. Genetic causes and causes related to women’s health and reasons related to previous births.


Reasons for women’s health. The risk of developing this disease is particularly high in obese women and those over the age of 35. You are also at risk of getting gestational diabetes if you have high blood pressure.


Reasons for previous births. The risk of gestational diabetes increases if a woman has already given birth to a child with a large weight (over 4 kg), suffered from the disease during her previous pregnancy, or has already had a child with congenital malformations.


Genetic causes in your family history are limited to diabetes. If your family is suffering from this disease, there is a high risk of getting it during your pregnancy.


What are the risks of gestational diabetes on mother and fetus?

In the case of gestational diabetes, your fetus will be subject to significant weight gain, making the delivery process more difficult and may cause fractures in your child’s body.

The health of the fetus is threatened by a range of diseases at the respiratory and nervous systems as well as the heart and arteries. The future of the fetus is also susceptible to a range of diseases and disorders, such as obesity and diabetes as well as mental retardation and lack of cognitive abilities.


Sometimes gestational diabetes may lead to premature labor and in some cases the mother may develop a worrisome rise in blood pressure. This may also cause the mother to develop type 2 diabetes.


How can you guard against gestational diabetes?

To prevent gestational diabetes, you should pay serious attention to your diet during your pregnancy. Thus, you should avoid eating vegetables, fruits and sugar-rich beverages, and you may want to divide your meals into snacks at the top of every two hours.

You should also avoid eating sweets or canned or salty foods. We recommend that you drink too much fiber daily, and drink plenty of water.


You should also watch your weight with great care and exercise for your health, such as walking and swimming, so that you do not become excessively overweight.

Doctors are advised to stop bad habits such as smoking during pregnancy. In some cases, your doctor can prescribe an appropriate medication to avoid the effects of the disease.


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