What rich people do, poor people don't

What wealthy people do but poor people don't 

Everybody wants to get rich but don't know how to do it. Some will work under a company for several years, and some will say pray to God and not planning on how to become successful. But it's more than that. This is the list shown below.


  1. RICH PEOPLE KEY THEMSELVES TO LEARN: rich people always keep a private life for a reading book that will improve their knowledge. Knowing where and how to get resources. While reading, they have an individual lifestyle that will enhance them to think beyond. WHILE POOR PEOPLE watch television doing a circle lifestyle 
  2. RICH PEOPLE KNOW TO SAVE AND INVEST: This aspect is very crucial. People think saving your way is a part of financial freedom, but that is not. Rich poor keep and invest in the choice of a business that gives him passion. And how did he save the first method is creating a separate bank account. Secondly, the new account must be for saving and investing. How do you do the saving? If you are an employee and your salary is 50,000, 95% must go into your savings and investment account. Eg. 50,000, then you must remove 30,000 from your salary account and pay it into your second account. Then channel your mind from saving and enjoying to saving and investing. WHILE POOR PEOPLE keeps and enjoying, which is mentioned above. They not only forget about the investment they work for so many years without achieving anything. 
  3. RICH PEOPLE SEE CHALLENGES AS AN OPPORTUNITY: Rich people challenges as an opportunity because they want to grow and be skillful in the things they do. Rich people also see problems as an avenue to learn from their mistakes. And they never give up. WHILE POOR PEOPLE SEE CHALLENGES AS BIG DEAL: The reason while poor people see things like a big problem? Is because they think that there is no way out. 
  4. RICH PEOPLE ARE GOOD GIVER: Rich people not only invest in their career business but they are good givers. They give to charity homes, a beggar in the street. They think of what to do to give back to society so that d community will be happy. Such as Microsoft, Mc Donald, Apple Inc, etc. WHILE POOR PEOPLE Think about giving money is a scam.

In conclusion, the habit of rich and poor is a state of mind. And you don't know how and what to do on how to become successful if you can follow this step listed above will help you. 

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