Who Are You? The Importance of Listening To Yourself

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Thinking about learning to listen to and trust ourselves is one of the most important things we can do, and oftentimes many of us don’t seek the time to do so, or may not even understand its value. We also often don’t realize how the lack of doing so can create problems in our life, because we are so used to our own consistent thought patterns and may not take time to attempt to break out of them.

Giving Ourselves Compassion

However, the more you truly listen to yourself and search within, the more you will realize that happiness and joy is a natural state that can be achieved simply from being in harmony with yourself. This process is easier said than done, as there may be many barriers that get in the way to feeling this.

Most of us are always at a war with ourselves in one way or another. So we must start with offering ourselves more compassion and embracing our weaknesses. We must also work on monitoring the mind to watch out for how often we might put ourselves down without even realizing it.

Sometimes, Distractions Rule Our Lives

Our minds are full of noise (constant thoughts), and our lives are full of distractions. There are also many beliefs we might have or ingrained ways of thinking that we may not even be aware of, and without us realizing it, they keep us from making decisions that are close to our hearts or being able to see the bigger picture in each moment. 

Try to start taking notice of the things you are telling yourself every day and how that makes you feel. The first step to really understanding yourself is by being very aware of your thoughts, and what kind of emotions or reactions in you they create. The more aware you become, the more control you’ll have over how you react, and the more insight you’ll have into why you feel what you do.

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