Why do men cheat?

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Many men have erred their reputation throughout history by cheating on their lives. The term betrayal has become an unavoidable fact, and the majority of women believe that betrayal is an essential characteristic of men.

Are men cheaters by nature?

We can not say that a man is a cheater in his nature, but it can be said that man is always searching for the mythical female he painted in his imagination or the perfect female. and this is impossible; because the idea of the perfect ideal human is not easy to exist.

Also female has been always attractive in her body and femininity For a man, so she always represents a goal that he seeks, but that does not mean that a man is a cheater in his nature.

When a man finds the female who inhabits his heart and settles in it, it is difficult for him to be seduced by another. In addition, women should make their lives comfortable with men, far away from problems as possible, so that men do not get involved in cheating for any reason.


How women look to men cheating and how she is involved in?

A woman may consider that some acts of men as betrayal, while it is not, if the work of men requires him to deal with females, and be nice to them, this may be dangerous but it’s not considered cheating or betrayal.

In this case, women must not consider that he is cheating and must trust and understand him in a way not to let him feel that she is disturbing or she is so jealous since men don’t like that.

In addition to women’s role, man also is responsible, he must make an effort to reach out to his partner to a close and distinct relationship, and not leave his partner with doubt and suspicion in the relationship,he must to be clear and let her feel safe, and try always to explain and talk about his work circumstances.

And he must not take his work as a reason to cheat and understand his partner well and always stay close to her and let her feel his love and care.

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