Why You Need to Meditate

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Research is proving again and again that the benefits of meditation are countless. Those who meditate on a regular basis have reduced the need for rest, don’t get sick as often, and of course reduced stressed as well.

Stress – It’s a Problem

Stress these days comes from everywhere. We can get it easily from the TV, noise, people around us bringing us down in one way or another, expectations for us to achieve and be constantly productive, and so on. Meditation serves to be a very good activity that can counteract all of this and bring some positivity back in our lives. We can connect to something outside of ourselves and our thoughts that will allow us to be that much more resilient.

meditation in nature

The Sounds of Nature vs. The Sounds of the City

We often take for granted going out into nature and just absorbing the sounds of nature for example the howling wind, rustling water, leaves following to the ground, and birds chirping.

These sounds in themselves connect us to our natural habitat, versus all of the sounds we are typically bombarded with in the city. People in the past were much more connected to nature since primarily, they didn’t have the option not to be. However, that meant they also did not have the added stress and illnesses that comes from industrialization.

Luckily, with meditation we can tune back into nature and close out the noise of the world around us for a little while.

Meditation Can Be Difficult

Many people tend to get impatient with meditation in the beginning, finding it difficult. The truth is that it IS difficult. Most of us when starting out are not used to just sitting still, or trying to let go of our thoughts. Many people give up because it requires the self-discipline to be consistent and actually see the benefits that meditation will bring over time.


The human brain and body is incredibly powerful; probably more so than we even realize at this point. Meditation will allow you to tap into parts of your brain that you normally don’t, given that most of the time you are putting all of your mental energy into thought. Additionally as you’re meditating, the body releases chemicals that can provide a rush of energy and happiness that you might just really need.

As with exercise, there are innumerable benefits that come from meditation, and the list of benefits is growing as we discover more about how it affects our brains.

Here’s a good place to start if you haven’t already!

I encourage you to try it, and if you already have, to stick to it!

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