Your Comfort Zone Can Keep You Stuck

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Trying new things is inherently scary. We like to stay in familiar territory because we like to feel secure, but if we don’t escape our comfort zone, we never learn anything new and life can get repetitive.

Opportunities have to be found and utilized, they rarely ever come to you. Even if an opportunity arises, it’s still on you to take advantage of its life changing properties.

With this is mind, you can see why it’s important to venture out into unpredictable situations because anything familiar will not teach you what you need to know. If you’re complete, you will not seek more knowledge. If you feel fragmented, it must mean that your current knowledge is not sufficient and thus you must seek outside knowledge through new experiences.

The drawback of feeling comfortable all the time is that you no longer feel the driving force of necessity. Like the survival instinct, it motivates you to your limits and then some. It is power that convenience simply cannot supply you with.

Final Words

It’s important to become uncomfortable and for necessity to drive you, otherwise like a child you will seek comfort from a parental figure. To mature, you must be alone in the dark where no one can help you but yourself. Once the option of outside help escapes your grasp, you will look within and find inner strength that will help you shape your own life

… Or you can stay comfortable forever, never grow and miss out forever on life’s opportunities. It starts with one step outside of your comfort circle, will you take it?

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